Behind the Name: Toronto's Kinton Ramen

How one of Canada's most popular ramen chains got its name

Since opening the doors to its first Toronto location back in May 2012, Kinton Ramen has become one of the most popular ramen chains in the Greater Toronto Area. 

The chain’s original concept, which was launched under the leadership of executive chef Ari Ukata (as well as a team of professional ramen chefs) and the Canadian-owned Kinka Family restaurant group, was one of the first authentic ramen shops to take root in the city.

Kinton has since expanded to Montreal, Vancouver, Chicago and New York City. To them, there are two very important parts (amongst other things) to a perfect bowl of ramen: broth and noodles. Both meat-based and vegetable-based broths are made with fresh, high quality ingredients and time, which creates a complex and balanced broth.


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In Japanese, the name Kinton Ramen directly translates to “Golden Pig.” Kinton says they chose “Golden” for prosperity and “Pig” for their Tonkotsu (pork bone) broth.