Behind the Name: Vancouver’s Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods

How this health-minded fast-casual chain got its name

Since opening in 2013, Vancouver-based Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods has been serving up fulfilling dishes that can be eaten on a daily basis whilst being health-conscious. The company has found much success and over the past eight years, opening locations around Vancouver, as well as Victoria and Toronto. In addition to the brick-and-mortar eateries, the Tractor at Home meal program has proven to be a wildly popular alternative to standard meal kits on the market in B.C.

So, how did the farm-themed name come about?

According to its co-founder Meghan Clarke, the name is an ode to the main character of the children’s book Otis by Loren Long. Otis is a tractor that is considered to be a reliable piece of equipment that keeps the farm going. Otis is modest and not fancy, but most of all, it is full of love and charm.

Clarke says that she would frequently read that book to her son Nathaniel and by the time the restaurant opened, Tractor felt like a perfect fit.

“It was a beautiful heart warming story and a bedtime favourite in our family,” she explains. “We felt this was how we wanted our brand to be transparent, down to earth and a healthy go-to restaurant with high quality delicious food.”

Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods is currently open for in-person dining in B.C. Check out their website for location-specific hours and to place pickup and delivery orders.