ICYMI: Dairy farmers respond to palm oil situation, Mr. Potato Head goes gender neutral and more

Here are some big food news stories you might have missed this week  

A collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency and the federal government–as well as NASA–is focusing on how scientists can develop food systems that can last in space. Meanwhile, the butter controversy in Canada continues as many dairy farmers are responding to the situation regarding the use of palm oil in cattle feed.

One of the world's most famous toys, Mr. Potato Head, is getting a massive overhaul and shedding gender from its identity. Definitely not edible food, but a great story nonetheless.

Lastly, the City of Toronto opens its registration for expanded patio spaces for restaurants in the upcoming summer to plenty of buzz.

Here are some of the Canadian food news stories you might have missed this week.

Mr. Potato Head drops the “Mr.” in a new gender-neutral rebrand

Not real food persay, but toy-maker Hasbro recently announced its plan to turn its decades-old Mr. Potato Head into something more fitting for today’s society. Not only they will drop the “Mr.” from the toy's title, they will be swapping its traditional gender based limbs into a single, gender neutral toy with swappable limbs and accessories that allows children to assemble their own family.

Read more about this re-imagining over on Global News.

Dairy farmers advising against adding palm oil to cattle feed

The saga continues with the palm oil controversy as it pertains to cattle beef and Canadian butter. The Dairy Farmers of Canada association has recommended to stop the practice of adding palm oil into feed for cattle. Recently, many Canadians have noticed the butter is getting harder to melt and after a deep dive in The Globe and Mail, it all seems to be tied back to the (typically) unsustainable oil.

The association also announced that they are putting together a working group to study the issue of “fat supplementation in the dairy sector”.

Head to CBC News for the full article.

Space agencies creating a challenge to create a food system in space

With sustainable food systems are being recognized more and more, the final frontier with establishing food systems will likely be space. NASA has partnered up with the Canadian Space Agency, as well as the Privy Council of Office’s Impact Canada in creating a challenge for international researchers and scientists alike.

The challenge? To create food systems that can thrive in space. The top innovators will receive cash prizes and, in turn, us earthlings get one small step closer to life outside of this world.

Read this fascinating article over on CBC News.

Registration begins for extended patio space in Toronto

House on Parliament's patio. Photo via restaurant's Facebook page.

The City of Toronto has started registration for extended patio spaces for this upcoming summer. Restaurant owners have until March 26 to apply to extend their spaces onto sidewalks and curb lanes for The CafeTO program.

For more information, click on this link.

A presentation of poutine on "The Bachelor" gets blasted on social media

In an episode of The Bachelor, Canadian contestant Serena Pitt introduced the bachelor, Matt James, to some iconic Canadian dishes, which includes the beloved poutine. However, upon seeing the picture of the Canadian favourite, some would say that was an absolute travesty.

Of course, the Twitterverse let the show know just how un-Canadian this "poutine" appeared to be.

Head to Daily Hive to see more hilarious reactions from Canadians.