ICYMI: ‘Space’ greenhouses in Antarctica, Tim Hortons' falling popularity, new study on pasta and more

Scientists in Antarctica harvest food without soil, Canada's food-waste rate, Filipino’s Jollibee opens in Toronto and more  

Image for ICYMI: ‘Space’ greenhouses in Antarctica, Tim Hortons is falling of the top ranks, new study on pasta and more

Last week’s food news was full of great new scientific discoveries.

Scientists in Antarctica have successfully grown various vegetables without soil or daylight in "space" greenhouses. This project is meant to further scientist’s goals to harvest food on different planets. Could high-tech greenhouses possibly solve the scarcity of food in remote regions on Earth as well?

Staying on the note of great scientific discoveries, new research shows that pasta may not be bad for those seeking to lose weight. According to researchers, pasta does not contribute to weight gain.

This week did not bring great news for Tim Hortons. The company has fallen out of the top 10 list on Leger’s list of the best Canadian companies and brands. What is the reason for the company’s negative brand reputation?

More on these stories and all the food news from last week below.

Scientists in Antarctica grow food in "space" greenhouses

Scientists in Antarctica have successfully grown various vegetables without basics, such as soil and daylight in high-tech greenhouses. The project, led by the German Aerospace Center, is meant to test if there is a possibility of growing food on different planets. 

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Canada is one of the biggest food wasters in the world

Canada has one of the highest rates in food waste on the planet. The latest report states that the annual food waste per person in Canada is almost twice as high as the annual food waste per person in Mexico. What are some options for reducing food waste?

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Tim Hortons falls off the list of top 10 Canadian companies

Tim Hortons did not make it into Leger’s list of top 10 companies or brands in Canada this year. Some experts attribute this decrease in brand popularity to the cuts in Tim Hortons' employee benefits. 

Check out what rank this Canadian signature brand fell to on Leger’s list in Global News.

Filipino fast-food chain, Jollibee, opens in Toronto

A popular Filipino fast food chain, Jollibee Foods Corp., expands in Canada. It opened its doors for its Toronto fans last weekend, who were waiting in line for hours to enjoy some of the restaurant’s treats. With the growing Filipino population in Canada, Jollibee has a real chance to succeed.

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New study shows pasta doesn’t cause weight gain

Great news for pasta lovers! A new study shows that eating pasta not only doesn’t cause weight gain, but when eaten in the right amounts, it also encourages weight loss. Will pasta become part of a healthy diet?

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B.C. chefs join forces to stop open-net salmon farming

More than 50 B.C. chefs joined forces asking the province to end leases for open net-pen salmon farms. The leases are slated to be renewed in June. Chefs who support the First Nations opposition to open-net salmon farming are emphasizing the need for nurturing sustainable salmon populations.

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