Kampai! It's International Sake Day

Ditch the wine or beer and reach for sake instead today.

It's a new year in sake production and we can't wait to see what the available selection will be next spring. We have a comprehensive guide for you whether you're a sake beginner or connoisseur. If you're going out for sushi, order a sake instead of beer. Or, use any of the recipes below at home to make restaurant-quality sake cocktails.

Photo by Dakinepics00 (Peter) on Flickr.

Hot or not: an expert's guide to heating sake

Why it’s OK to warm good sake

Kick off sake brewing season with a Sake Spa cocktail

Ki Modern Japanese and Bar's new fall cocktail

Discovering sake with Adam Snelling of Ki Modern Japanese

What is sake, what to eat with it and everything else you need to know to enjoy it.

Junmai Julep cocktail

With the number and quality of Japanese restaurants in Vancouver, it's no wonder that there are some really great cocktails that uses Asian ingredients coming out of the city.

Artisan Sake Maker in Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C.

The pioneer of Japanese sake in Canada: Artisan Sake Maker

In the first of a three-part series, sake educator Elise Gee talks about the first commercial sake microbrewery in North America.

Giving Nipro brewery new life as YK3 Sake Producer

The owners teamed up with new master brewer to produce a new sake brewery in Richmond, B.C.

Ontario Spring Water Sake Company

Find rare sakes at Ontario Spring Water Sake Company

In the second installment of our three-part sake series, Elise Gee profiles the first sake brewery in eastern North America

Yamahai sake by Nøgne-Ø in Norway.

Canadian brewer Brock Bennett brings craft sake abroad to Norway's Nøgne-Ø

The Vancouverite's contribution to Europe's budding interest in sake

Hot sake toddy

Our resident sake specialist Elise Gee on how to update the hot toddy with sake

Ki Modern Japanese + Bar's Orange Creamsicle cocktail

A boozy cocktail that reminds you of the popular kids' treat

Bittered Sling's Hattori Hansō cocktail

You may not be a ninja or a samurai, but you can channel Hattori Hanso with this sake cocktail.

Ki Modern Japanese and Bar's Ume Old Fashioned cocktail

A traditional cocktail with a new twist