5 Edmonton chefs share guilty food pleasures

Image for 5 Edmonton chefs share guilty food pleaures

For most of us, guilt worthy foods usually involve salt, grease, and sugar. But have you ever wondered what chefs like indulge in? From fried chicken to candy, a handful of Edmonton chefs are sharing their guilty food pleasures.

Andrew Fung - Chef/Owner of XIX

Chef Andrew Fung says his guilty food pleasure is Singapore instant noodles with a fried egg on top.

“Growing up in Hong Kong, we ate a lot of instant noodles with satay beef on top. The Prima Taste brand Singapore laksa is one of the best instant noodle I’ve ever had,” says Fung. “To make a real laksa broth is also very time consuming. For an instant  fix, this one really does the trick.”

Michael Hassall - Executive chef of Vivo Ristorante

For starters, chef Michael Hassall says he feels no guilt of about his choice. “My non-guilty food pleasure is Miss Vickie's lime and black pepper potato chips. They seem to hit the balance between salty and sour: one of my favourite flavour combinations,” says Hassel.

Hassel says the lime and black pepper chips are also a throwback to the classic salt and vinegar chips he ate as a child. “The chips are cut thin and have a great crunch. I have never had a bad bag,” adds Hassel.

Rosario Caputo - Chef/Owner of Cibo Bistro

While chef Rosario Caputo says he has a pretty bad sweet tooth, his top guilty-food pleasure is carbs, carbs and more carbs and pasta is where its at.

“I make a lot of pasta at home and I always order a pasta dish when we go out,” says Caputo, whose love of pasta runs deep from his childhood.

“Growing up, my mom would make a bucatini dish with chick peas, rapini from the garden and tomato sauce. Whenever my mom would ask me what I wanted for dinner, I would say that dish,” explains Caputo. Pasta always puts a smile on this chef’s face.

Eric Hanson - Executive chef of Prairie Noodle Shop

Chef Eric Hanson has a number of food allergies, including a severe allergy to gluten. So, finding a guilty food pleasure that he can actually eat can be a challenge. Luckily, Hanson has recently found a food that he can’t seem to get enough of: Pizza 73 gluten-free fried chicken.

“I discovered it about a month ago and and I’ve been ordering it about once a week for the past four weeks. When I get home after work and don’t want to cook, I will just pick up the phone,” says Hansen.

It’s a new fried comfort addiction that he's not sick of just yet.

Daniel Costa - Chef/Owner of Bar Bricco, Corso 32 and Uccellino

For chef Daniel Costa, he can’t get enough of almost-burnt toast with peanut butter.

“This is something that I sometimes have as an after work late night snack with a Scotch. I can never just have one; I end up going back and forth to the toaster,” says Costa.

There’s no specific peanut butter preference, but Chef Costa does use a less sweet peanut butter with multi grain bread, because the whole grains get all toasty. 

This is something Costa has been eating since he was a teenager, minus the Scotch, of course.