7 Snacks to stop you from getting hangry on your next road trip

Grab these made-in-Canada snacks before your next road trip

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Summer road trips are fun and adventurous, yet potentially filled with turmoil lest you be well prepared with snacks (AKA life lines) for munching in the middle of nowhere. The last thing you want when you are 300km from the nearest hint of civilization is to be stranded without food in a car full of cranky people ready to commit mutiny. So take our advice and stock up on these Canadian favourites for the road to hold you over until your destination.

Hippie Foods

Ideal if you’re travelling through the British Columbian wilderness, Hippie Foods offers both sweet and salty snacks to satisfy those who are gluten free or vegan. Its garden chips will make you forget that you’re munching on vegetables, and its coconut clusters will have you dreaming of a tropical getaway (after you get through the vacation you are already on, that is).


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Three Farmers

Saskatchewan chickpeas aren't just for hummus and stews. Three Farmers modernizes chickpeas and makes them into crunchy snacks. Who knew chocolate-covered chickpeas could taste so good? Keep your car cool to ensure they don’t melt. Or, you can opt for any of its other roasted chickpea flavours from balsamic and cracked pepper, to sea salt and lime. You will need a bottle of water with you if you’re going to munch on these.

Black River Juice

It’s always important to stay hydrated, even if it necessitates a few extra pit stops for bathroom breaks. Black River has been making specialty juices since 1979. It’s juices are not too sweet and perfectly refreshing on a hot summer day. If you like your juice a bit fizzy, try its spritzers. They come in six different flavours, from orange and mango to black cherry, and will do an excellent job of washing down the rest of your salty snacks.

Squish Candies

If you’re not afraid to give the kids a sugar high, or if you have a sweet tooth yourself, pack some Squish Candies for your next road trip. Its gummy bears come in exotic varieties like woodruff (with grassy, vanilla notes) and champagne. If chocolate is more your thing, try its black forest caramels, coated in chocolate with a hint of black cherry.


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Hardbite Chips

Nothing is as annoying to the driver as the sound of hands reaching into a bag of potato chips. That being said, if your passengers are willing to share, it’s totally worth it. Whether you’re into traditional potato chips, or beet, carrot, or parsnip chips, Hardbite has you covered.


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Lesley Stowe’s Raincoast Crisps

Eaten with cheese, dips or spreads, or simply on their own, these Raincoast Crisps--they come in varieties that include dried fruits, seeds and/or nuts--are perfect for snacking anytime of day. Eat them for breakfast, or hold off until later in the day and smear them with some tapenade you find at the local farmer’s market wherever you are.

Vancouver Island Salt Co.

I know what you’re thinking, salt is not a snack. You’re right, but think of how much better those tomatoes you picked up at that roadside farm stand will taste with a sprinkle of good salt to finish. Vancouver Island Salt Co. offers everything from Canadian fleur de sel to its one-of-a-kind blue cheese salt. They would make for a great hostess gift if you’re travelling to stay with friends.