Vancouver's Cà Phê and Déjà Vu Bakery launch Colombian-themed collaboration

The Vancouver-based businesses join forces for an exclusive collection of coffee and pastries

Photo by Sophie Phan

Popular Vietnamese coffee house Cà Phê recently announced a new collaboration with Déjà Vu Bakery that will see the two Vancouver-based businesses showcase an array of South American flavours in an exclusive pastry box collection.

The Colombian confection collaboration features three different pastry boxes–each with traditional Colombian pastries, cookies, and treats–along with a new limited-edition Saigon cinnamon coffee from Cà Phê.

Laura Yepes (Déjà Vu) and Milena Vallejo (Cà Phê) are joining forces to bring a new and exciting experience for their customers.


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“Laura and I both long for those lazy afternoons in Colombia when we’d stroll to cafes for treats like these that are made with traditional flavours and so much a part of life in Latin America,” says Vallejo, who has worked at Cà Phê since 2019. “Our aim with these boxes is to take people on a culinary journey to our homeland without ever having to leave Vancouver.”

With multiple options of boxes to choose from, they will be available for pre-order from October 2 until October 21 through Cà Phê’s website.