Vancouver's Cà Phê launches limited edition pastry boxes

Beautifully constructed Asian pastries to try in Vancouver

Popular Vietnamese coffee purveyor Cà Phê has just debuted four limited-edition Bánh Boxes filled with unique pastries created by baker Maj Yee. The pastry collections draw inspiration from childhood favourites of Yee and Cà Phê owner Minna Van and their respective Filipino and Vietnamese family roots.

“As immigrants, Maj and I wanted to pay tribute to our respective cultures and demonstrate our love for our Asian-Canadian identities with the Bánh Box,” says Van. “The word Bánh has special meaning to me as it represents a traditional Vietnamese cake I enjoyed while growing up. This box represents the use of simple ingredients to capture the unique culinary flavours of both our cultures in a modern, unique way."

The different Bánh Boxes (starting at $18) will be rolled out weekly beginning this Thursday until July 30 in limited quantities.

The boxes will include all kinds of unique creations including steamed and baked bánh bò (a Vietnamese sponge cake with a honeycomb and pandan-flavoured centre) and the Cà Phê Bar. Truly a dessert square of epic proportions, this bar boasts three layers: coconut shortbread base (a nod to Filipino culture), salted tres leches and Vietnamese coffee caramel and dark chocolate.

Into it!

Vancouverites can pre-order online from Saturday to Monday and pick-up their orders Wednesday to Friday at The Network Hub.