Canadian food DYK: Prince Edward Island grows and harvests over 40 million pounds of mussels a year

Prince Edward Island mussels are recognized as some of the best in the world

Image for Canadian food DYK: Prince Edward Island produces some of the world's best mussels

Canada’s smallest province of Prince Edward Island, only 280 km from tip to tip, produces some of the best seafood in the world. The land is rich and the waters are teeming with a bounty of fish, lobster, oysters, and other shellfish. And then there’s the infamous mussels. Ask almost anyone in the world where the best mussels come from, and they'll tell you: Prince Edward Island.


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The island is Canada’s top producer and exporter of rope cultured blue mussels, accounting for 80 per cent of Canadian mussel production. These local treasures are grown naturally in nutrient-rich waters of the Atlantic, and are self-sustained with no feed or additives. There are approximately 130 local growers who farm 11,000 surface acres, who produced more than 41 million pounds of the mollusks in 2018.