10 cool Caesar recipes to show your Canadian spirit

The Caesar was invented in 1969 in Calgary and that is a great reason to cheers with one!

However spicy, salty or savoury you like it, however you like to garnish it...the Caesar is our country's most iconic drink.

Here are ten of our favourite recipes from the site that help take the signature cocktail to the next level.

Pineapple Basil Caesar

The key to this drink is pepper, which makes the pineapple more savoury.

The Strange Brew Caesar

A cocktail recipe with craft Caesar mix, vodka, lager, and garnished with maple and candied salmon or caribou jerky.

Blueberry Caesar

The addition of fresh cracked black pepper brings a unique savouriness to this Caesar

Fireworks Caesar

For those who like their Caesar extra spicy

Image for Ardbeg Caesar cocktail

Ardbeg Caesar cocktail

A whisky Caesar made with Ardbeg

Image for The Session Caesar

The Session Caesar

A very quaffable Caesar made with Walter Craft Caesar Mix and beer

Image for Caesar with Seaweed Vodka “Prawn Cocktail” from Lure cookbook

Caesar with seaweed vodka “prawn cocktail” from Lure cookbook

A uniquely savoury Caesar with smoked sea salt and maple rim  

Image for Bar C's Bull Riders BBQ Caesar

Bar C's Bull Riders BBQ Caesar

Giddy up for Stampede with this cocktail

Image for The Char Caesar

The Char Caesar

Shake up this smoky Caesar at your next barbecue

Image for Four Season's Rocky Mountain Caesar

Four Seasons' Rocky Mountain Caesar

A Caesar cocktail recipe with a housemade Caesar mix that you'll want to have on hand