Daily bite: Nicole Gomes to compete on American series Iron Chef Gauntlet

Nicole Gomes competes on Food Network's Iron Chef Gauntlet starting in April

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After winning Top Chef Canada: All Stars in summer 2017, it seemed as though Nicole Gomes' time competing on a national scale had come to an end. I mean, where do you go from there? Apparently down south. After a call came in from Food Network's (American) production team this past fall, the Vancouver-based chef packed her bags and headed to Los Angeles to film the second season of Iron Chef Gauntlet.

More or less a re-imagined version of the original and iconic culinary competition series and its American format, the show sees contenders competing against one another in each episode, with the winner advancing to the next episode, until six episodes later, he or she faces a "gauntlet" challenge against the three Iron Chefs. In short, it's the ultimate test for bragging rights.

"I used to watch [the original] Iron Chef in amazement when I was young and now I’m on the show. It's such an incredible opportunity and was so fun to film," says Gomes. “I didn’t think I’d ever compete in a cooking show again, but having a chance to become the first Canadian Iron Chef was a challenge I couldn't say no to."

Gomes isn't the only Canadian on the show. Dale MacKay, chef and co-owner of Ayden Kitchen & Bar, Sticks and Stones, and Little Grouse on the Prairie, all in Saskatchewan, will also appear on the show's second season.