Eat this Now: Ship and Anchor's The Britbox poutine

A tasty creation for the 2021 Poutine With Purpose initiative

Poutine purists may cry foul at a fish n' chips meets poutine hybrid, but creativity is the name of the game when it comes to the annual charity initiative Poutine With Purpose. Even better when that creativity results in something as indulgently  delicious as this.

The Ship and Anchor is one of 40+ eateries in the Calgary area taking part in the poutine festival (of sorts) that runs until May 1. $1 from each poutine sold will be donated to national food security charity Mealshare.

The Britbox is comprised of house-cut fries topped with British “chip shop” curry gravy, Quebec cheese curds, Guinness-battered haddock, coleslaw and a lemon wedge for good, tangy measure. This is definitely not a traditional poutine by any means, but one that is fully satisfying and eats like a full meal. The coleslaw is a nice addition as well, helping to cut through the richness of the mildly spiced curry sauce.

A full list of Poutine With Purpose participants–which include eateries in Victoria, Vancouver, and Hamilton in addition to Calgary–is available on the initiative's website.