Lesley Chesterman reviews the Coronation Quiche recipe

An award-winning cookbook author reviews the Buckingham Palace recipe

Photo by Lesley Chesterman.

As a long-time fan of Lesley Chesterman and her writing, I always look forward to her weekly Substack landing in my inbox.

Her latest edition was full-on Royal. A detailed— and partially humorous—review of the Buckingham Palace Coronation Quiche recipe that has been shared the around the world in recent weeks.

The recipe was officially released by Buckingham Palace, with the Royal Family encouraging folks in England and beyond to try their hand at making it. Before she delves into whether the recipe worked out or not, the author reaffirms the only Crown she enjoys is the one found on Netflix.

"I’m no monarchist, but even if I’m not a fan of this dysfunctional/insanely overprivileged family, I’m a sucker for the robes, the crowns, the horses, and seeing all those Brits waving their dollar store Union Jacks while watching a reported $170 million drained on the crowning of their billionaire monarch," writes Chesterman in her newsletter.

I won't share all the details here (head to the Lick my Plate Substack instead), but Chesterman notes several points of misinformation throughout the Coronation Quiche recipe. Being an exemplar recipe developer, she provides corrections to help you end up with a top-notch end result should you be baking today.

Her modified recipe is available for free on her Lick my Plate Substack. Whether you care about this weekend's coronation or not, it's a solid quiche recipe to have in your back pocket.

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