Aburi Restaurants Canada launches custom platform for takeout and delivery

An acclaimed restaurant group's new approach to takeout and delivery

With a significant surge in the demand for takeout and delivery across Canada over the past seven months, and as the cooling temperatures continue to increase that demand, the desire for diverse and elevated options has seemingly grown in congruence.

In April, the celebrated Japanese restaurant group Aburi Restaurants launched the first Aburi at Home meal kit at Miku Toronto. The kit was met with much buzz, providing patrons with an elegant aburi-style sushi experience from the comfort of their own homes.

This week, the group expanded its Aburi at Home platform to feature the full culinary catalogues of three of its Vancouver concepts (Miku Vancouver, Gyoza Bar, Minami) and three of its Toronto concepts (Miku Toronto, Aburi Hana, Aburi Tora). On the new Aburi at Home platform, guests simply select their city and are directed to an array of nearby Aburi restaurant concepts. In addition to ordering options, Aburi at Home also provides the story behind each concept along with in-depth descriptions of the particular type of cuisine on offer. 


“We appreciate our guest’s desire to have quality bespoke cuisine, but also understand some reluctance to dining out. We’ve created Aburi at Home so that our guests can still enjoy an elevated culinary experience, but within the comfort of their homes,” says Seigo Nakamura, founder and CEO of Aburi Restaurants Canada.

A full breakdown of each Aburi Restaurants concept along with ordering options and hours of operation can be found online.