Daily bite: From The Wild enters its sixth season

Edmonton filmmaker Kevin Kossowan’s James Beard-nominated web series continues to explore uncharted Canadian culinary terroir

Kevin Kossowan’s journey into the great unknown of Canadian terroir is back for its sixth season and like previous From The Wild seasons, it demonstrates that we still have a lot to learn about our country’s culinary landscape. 

The James Beard-nominated web series from the decorated Edmonton filmmaker continues its quest through Canada's commercially uncharted forests, mountains, lakes, and coastlines to discover, connect and contextualize the various ways regional cuisine has developed. 

"Three-quarters of Earth's food supply draws on just 12 crops and five livestock species; 8.7 million species is a current estimate of species on earth,” Kossowan explains. “In a foodie era of everybody knowing everything about everything when it comes to food and having an Instagram post to prove it--the bottom line is we know jack about food. One of many reasons we're still at it in season six. We thought we knew food too--then we met chaga, basswood leaves, and suillus tomentosus.”


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Since its inception in 2014, From The Wild has been questioning society’s hereditary notions about food, what food is available to us, and why we should possibly reevaluate our own roles in the era of mass production and consumption. 

From The Wild Season Six is available to stream at Vimeo On Demand.