ICYMI: Edmonton pilots outdoor alcohol consumption, T&T returns to downtown Toronto, and more

Here are five stories you might have missed in food news this week

This week, a new online delivery company in P.E.I. that aims to connect consumers directly with local producers announced that it will likely be up and running by next month. The company plans to provide delivery for an array of food and beverage items, all locally-produced exclusively in-province. 

Downtown Toronto residents will also soon have a new place to seek out grocery items after B.C.-based supermarket chain announced the impending return of T&T to the city’s downtown district. Although smaller in size than Toronto’s previous T&T location, the company has stated that shoppers can expect the same style of grocery experience they’ve come to expect from the East Asian supermarket. 

Finally, as the number of Albertans receiving vaccinations continues to rise, the City of Edmonton has approved a new pilot project that will allow public outdoor alcohol consumption in select parks along the river valley from May 28 until October 11. 

Here are five stories you might have missed in food news this week.

PEI delivery service connects consumers with local producers

A new P.E.I.-based delivery service is getting ready to launch next month that will enable residents who produce grocery goods to sell and deliver their products across the province. The company plans to sell items that range from produce and dairy to baked and fermented, and are currently in the process of connecting with potential vendors. 

Find out more about Dinnerbasket.ca at CBC News.

T&T to open new location in Toronto

A little more than a year after closing its only downtown location in Toronto, B.C.-based supermarket chain T&T announced this week that it will be launching a new location in the former Independent City Market space. 

Although the space is significantly smaller than the former Toronto T&T establishment, company CEO Tina Lee says the new location will still provide shoppers with everything they’ve come to expect from the East Asian supermarket. 

Visit The Star for more information.

City of Edmonton approves pilot project for outdoor alcohol consumption

Edmonton city council recently approved a new pilot project that will allow Edmontonians to consume alcohol in select public parks from May 28 to October 11. The allotted area consists of 47 picnic sites at seven parks along the river valley, which will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis or by booking in advance. 

Find all the details at Global News.

Arlene Dickinson launches new business growth ecosystem

This week, District Ventures Arlene Dickinson announced the launch of Venturepark, a new consumer packaged goods ecosystem that will house the Dragons’ Den star’s network of companies.

Dickinson says the new conglomerate will offer capital, marketing, programming, innovation, commercialization, and media amplification to the companies it serves, while driving Canada’s food and beverage, health and wellness, and agricultural entrepreneurship sectors into the future. 

Read Dickinson’s full press release on Newswire.

Alberta’s Last Chance Saloon and Rosedeer Hotel listed for sale

The historic Last Chance Saloon and its attached Rosedeer Hotel in Alberta’s badlands were listed on the real estate market this week. The two properties were first opened in 1913, and have since served as the set for movies, musical performances, paranormal group meetings, and more. 

The asking price to purchase the historic and supposedly haunted space–which is still open for business–is currently sitting at $925,000. 

Head to the Calgary Herald for the full story.