Local Public Eatery launches fun holiday menu for December

A new holiday-themed menu is now available at Local Public Eatery locations across Canada

Photo via Local Public Eatery's Facebook page

A new holiday menu launched this week at Local Public Eatery locations across the country. Almost taking cues from other well-known holiday pop-ups like Sippin’ Santa and Miracle on First Street, Local’s new holiday lineup is as fun and lighthearted as it is surprisingly intriguing. 

Some of the menu highlights include holiday-inspired spins on classic wintertime beverages like the Naughty and Spiced (mulled red and white wine, fireball spice, juice), new cocktails like The Grinch (green apple vodka, melon, lime juice), and the sole food offering, the Christmas Burger (crispy chicken, sausage, smoked cheddar, caramelized onion, cranberry sauce, black truffle gravy).

Though we’ve not seen an official announcement regarding when the menu features will no longer be available, it’s safe to assume that once the holiday season wraps up, so too will Local Public Eatery’s new holiday menu. Reservations to all Local Public Eatery’s Canadian locations can be made online.