New zero-waste food delivery system Ethey launches across Canada

Canada’s first-ever closed-loop food delivery service is now available from coast to coast

Royalty-free image via Unsplash

As Canadians continue to look for new ways to combat issues associated with rising grocery prices and avoidable food waste, a new Canadian-made food delivery system just launched across the country that has seemingly found solutions to both. 

Similar to other chef-driven delivery services, Ethey offers an assortment of affordable chef-prepared meals from a variety of cuisines that are delivered to your door and can be reheated and ready to eat in a matter of minutes. Ethey, however, takes the zero-waste model one step further by operating in a closed-loop system to ensure that every ingredient is utilized.

In order to achieve a closed-loop system, all of Ethey’s leftover food scraps are delivered to an on-site worm farm, which then produces natural fertilizer that is delivered back to local farms. Additionally, all of Ethey’s packaging is designed to be reusable, compostable, and even consumable.

More information about Ethey’s menu options, delivery plans, and the company's closed-loop system can be found online.