One Day in Orillia: singer Cassie Dasilva

The rising pop star dishes on her favourite food and drink destinations

After bursting onto the Canadian pop scene in 2018 with a series of successful singles but left wanting more from a disappointing label deal, Ontario-based singer Cassie Dasilva was determined to create her debut EP on her own terms. 

Teaming up with an all-female production team that included award-winning musicians Robyn Dell’Unto, Hill Kourkoutis, and Emily Lazar, Dasilva’s dream will come to fruition this Friday in the form of a six-track EP that focuses on past and present relationships while exploring both dealing with a breakup and finding new love. 

Enough is a collection of songs that focuses on relationships and explores both dealing with a breakup and being in love. I understand that, thematically, the two don’t go together, but I’ve found in my experience that love and heartbreak aren’t sequential,” said Dasilva. “They’re not always independent of one another, and it’s entirely possible to experience feelings of heartbreak, anger and frustration, while completely falling in love with someone new. I know, because that’s my story.”

The first single from Enough, “Unsolicited Contact” has already garnered close to two million cumulative streams through TikTok and Spotify alone, and the accompanying music video–which Dasilva directed–showcases her creativity, ambition, and ingenuity. 

We had a chance to chat with the talented Ontario-based singer before her debut EP drops this Friday, who took some time from her busy schedule to fill us in on a few of her favourite food and drink destinations in her hometown of Orillia.


[Breakfast is] my favourite meal of the day! If I’m going for a diner breakfast, I usually go to Friend’s Diner on Laclie Street. I keep it pretty simple with eggs–over medium, with rye toast, and I love their home fries made with red peppers and onions!

If I’m looking for something on the sweeter side to start my day, I love a classic Texas donut and chai latte from Mariposa Market in downtown Orillia.



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For lunch, nothing beats a burger and fries from Webers–located just outside Orillia off of Highway 11. Not only is it the home of my high school job–yes, I used to scoop ice cream, take orders, and dress burgers after school, on the weekends, and all summer long–but it’s the best burger around.

I don’t know if it’s the nostalgia or the charcoal flavour that I crave more, but even after working there for years, I can always go for a Webers burger. My order? A medium rare cheeseburger and fries (with extra seasoning salt).



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This year, takeout has been a lifesaver for this girl who can’t cook and desperately missed going to restaurants. My favourite spot has been Thai Plate. I’m obsessed with their cashew chicken and coconut rice!

The yummiest Thai food around and always a go-to for dinner.


I have missed going for drinks with friends! Now that we can finally go back out to the bars, I’ll be heading to Kenzington Burger Bar for some drinks and fun times with friends.

It won’t be a successful night out unless we end up making our way down to Studabakers Beachside at some point in the night for drinks on the patio down by the waterfront–also a favourite of mine for daytime drinks with friends!

Watch Cassie Dasilva's Unsolicited Contact (Official music video)