One Day in Ottawa: singer-songwriter Vicki Brittle

Great dining recommendations in Ottawa

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A few seconds into any Vicki Brittle tune and we guarantee you'll be hooked on the singer's individualistic vocals.

The rural Ontario-based artist first came onto the scene with her debut EP Candy in 2016, followed by One Love in 2019. Since then, she's been slowly, but surely dropping singles like "It's Only Love" (2019), "Come Home" (2022) and, most recently, the cool, contemplative "20 Somethin'" this past month.

Brittle’s soulful voice accompanied by her richly-detailed songwriting results in an undeniable charm and leaves a listener wanting to hear more and more from Brittle. Here's to hoping we'll get more new music from the singer in the coming months.

Our fingers our crossed!

Livining in a small town just outside of Ottawa, we figured Vicki Brittle would know a few quality spots to eat in the country's capital. If you like comfort food like we do, then you'll love her dining suggestions below.



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Elgin Street Diner is a breakfast for champions, and a classic favourite in Ottawa.

Amazing food, with large servings, wonderful service and fair is a go-to place in the morning for me!


Pesto’s Deli has the best sandwiches I have ever enjoyed in my life.

There’s just something about their mom-ad-pop vibe. The way the food is served and the atmosphere that makes it more than just an eating experience.


Mamma Teresa Ristorante has the best Italian food I have experienced in Ottawa. There is something about the recipes that transfer love from plate to palette and it’s an extremely heartwarming experience to eat here.


The Rideau Canal [isn't a bar, obviously, but] there is something about skating on the Rideau Canal, enjoying a Baileys and hot chocolate that is a whole other experience.

Watch: Vicki Brittle - 20 Somethin' (Official Music Video)