One Day in Toronto: Project Bakeover's Tiffany Pratt

The author, stylist and designer takes us through her favourite places in Toronto

Photos courtesy of Food Network Canada

Popular author and designer Tiffany Pratt (a.k.a. Canada's Queen of Craft) has been providing Canadians with a healthy dose of style and colour since debuting on HGTV Canada in 2014, but as of this week, the home design personality will make a crossover to the world of food television.

In her new Food Network Canada series, Project Bakeover, Pratt teams up with award-winning pastry chef and owner of Vancouver's Temper Chocolate & Pastry, Steve Hodge, to reinvigorate bakery businesses across North America. While Hodge will primarily focus on the culinary aspect of the transformation, Pratt will draw on her extensive experience and expertise to reimagine the layouts and functionality of each space. 

We had a chance to catch up with Pratt ahead of Project Bakeover’s series premiere on Thursday, February 4, to find out where she likes to go for food and drink in Toronto when she’s not busy styling and designing.


Right up the street from where I live is my favorite bakeshop; Tori's Bakeshop. I am downright addicted to the breakfast cookies. I usually get two and store one in my purse for later-blue hair style! It usually looks like me walking there in my PJ's with my weiner dog Poppy in the morning. It is full of good stuff and great for all food allergies!

If I really want to go for it on the weekends and blow my good healthy-eating I cannot pass up my ultimate indulgence, the "Rise and Shine" breakfast sandwich at Lazy Daisy's Cafe. I have been on the Food Network's Neighbourhood Eats preaching my love for this joint: It is the ultimate in grab-and-go and made with all the best ingredients. I am all about what goes into my food and love is one of them and I feel the love in the food here.


Since we are in a home delivery/grab-and-go world right now, there is nothing at Fresh that does not turn my crank. I rotate through the salads, green juices, elixirs and appetizers like it is my job. They are located all over the city so no matter where I am–amazing healthy options are available. The food gives you loads of ideas on what you can make at home and inspires some really delicious combinations.

If I am feeling wild I grab a slice of their carrot cake too–oh my goodness


My fiancé is a great cook, so he whips up healthy eats all week long to keep us on track. But on Friday night all bets are off and right now we are on a pizza tour of Toronto.

Next stop this weekend? Blondies! The pink building and pink polka-dot pizza boxes scream my name and they have gluten-free options–so I am in heaven!



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My recent obsession is Nutbar. Once I stumbled into their first location I was hooked. With biodegradable to-go cups that look like works of art and a menu full of drinks that are all incredible–I keep coming back for their Turmeric Latte with their own Nutbar milk!

[When you order a drink], remember to ask for their milk. It is a nutty, frothy, spicy, lightly sweetened treat that I love grabbing as often as I can. This can be made both hot and cold depending on the season and is definitely my kind of drinking!