Vancouver-themed restaurant concept opens in London, England

West 4th Kitchen and Wine Bar brings a taste of Vancouver to the U.K. 

A new restaurant opened its doors in London, England earlier this month, and while that may not big news over the pond (i.e. here in Canada), it's offering a really familiar feeling for Vancouverites. The new eatery is offering up an array of classic Canadian cuisine inspired by the food and beverage community in Vancouver’s West 4th Avenue area.

The idea for West 4th was conceived after London-based co-founders Livia Boumeester and Louisa Stevenson-Hamilton embarked on a culinary adventure around North America, during which the two restaurateurs worked, dined, and fell in love with West Vancouver’s restaurant scene. 

“West 4th is one of the most popular, vibrant streets in Vancouver where people gather to socialise after a day spent on the beach or skiing on a local mountain,” Moumeester and Stevenson-Hamilton explain on the restaurant’s website. “We wanted to emulate Vancouver's relaxed and friendly feel at West 4th. We hope you think we’ve managed to do so!”


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Some of the menu items on offer include classic Canadian comfort foods like breakfast and appetizer-style poutines, maple-glazed chicken and cauliflower bites, and the Granville Market vegan scrambler, along with quintessential Canadian cocktails like the Caesar and the eatery’s signature West 4th Bloody Mary.

Head to the West 4th website for more information.