10 Unique pink gins you can buy in Canada

A few interesting small-batch gins to add to your liquor cabinet

The phrase "rosé all day" has become a global summer lifestyle and a social media phenomenon, but these days, it’s nothing new. What is on the newer side is rosé coloured gin.

Pink gin is normal gin that has been flavoured with fruit and/or florals to give it a beautiful blush colour. Above all, many of them are both distinct and delicious.

Here’s a list of versatile pink gins you need to try this season that can be enjoyed on their own, paired with tonic, or used to create contemporary seasonal cocktails.

Triple Berry Gin by Burwood Distillery (Alberta)

The owners of Burwood Distillery pride themselves on producing hand-crafted spirits. Co-owners Ivan Cilic and Jordan Ramey created a small-batch, seasonal gin made with locally-sourced strawberries, raspberries and black currants. The bottle even comes with a bag of edible Alberta flower seeds to garnish your summer cocktails.

Available in Alberta.

Haskap Gin by Black Fox Farm and Distillery (Saskatchewan

As fifth-generation farmers, the owners of Black Fox Farm and Distillery combine their passion for agriculture with skills of distilling to create flavourful gin from the Canadian Prairies. This gin is made from haskap berries–one of nature’s most resilient berries that can even survive the harshest Canadian climates–harvested right on the farm. Other tasting notes include gentian root, black tea leaves and a hint of Black Fox honey for balance.

This particular gin won The Gin Masters 2020 competition thanks to its luscious fruit notes and a touch of tartness on the finish.

Available in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, PEI, NWT, Nunavut, Ontario and Yukon.

Junction 56 Black Raspberry Gin (Ontario)

This gin starts with locally-sourced black raspberries from Stratford, Ontario, layered on top of citrus and lavender notes.

Junction 56 prides themselves on using 100 per cent Ontario-grown grains and additional ingredients from nearby businesses. Their undivided goal is to remain locally-focused when creating their line of spirits and liqueurs.

Available in Ontario.

Spring 34 by Levenswater (Ontario)

This small batch, premium, craft gin is distilled from potatoes, which is an uncommon practice in Canada. The reason the number 34 is in its name is because this gin is infused with 34 botanicals. Tasting notes include citrus, lavender, coriander, rosemary and chamomile. It may sound like a lot of bold flavours, but everything is balanced appropriately for smooth-tasting end result.

This particular gin took home Double Gold in Bottle Design and Silver in Flavoured/Infused Gin at the SIP Awards, and also took the highest score for a non-European brand in the Compound Gin category at the Gin Guide Awards.

Available in Ontario and Quebec.

Hawthorn Berry Gin by Spirit of York (Ontario)

The distillers at Spirit of York were challenged to craft a spirit in the tradition of a European Sloe Gin, which involves steeping sloe berries with a bit of sugar to create a fruity, acidic rich gin. This particular gin is flavoured with apples from Manitoulin Island, a touch of Muskoka Maple Syrup and about 15 other botanicals that are key to transforming their vodka into their gin.

Fun fact: this was one of the first distilleries to shift to making hand sanitizer when there was none left on store shelves in Toronto during the onset of the pandemic. 

Available in Ontario.

Rhubarb & Hibiscus Gin by Collective Arts (Ontario)

This baby pink gin is made with copious amounts of rhubarb and hibiscus. It’s juicy and floral, complemented by fresh citrus with a warm ginger finish.

Real talk: Collective Arts is one of the coolest beverage brands in Canada. Their craft beverages feature designs of artists from around the world. Every three months they rotate the art on their cans to show new work, so each artist can tell their story through colour and creativity. Their artists are as diverse as the range of beverages that they create out of their production facility in Hamilton.

Available in Ontario.

Malfy Gin Con Rosa (Italy)

This is everything you want in a summery gin: Italian juniper and lemons, Sicilian pink grapefruits, plus five other botanicals that help to create a stylish pink-hued gin. It’s a crisp, bright and balanced gin that embodies the aromas and flavours of the town of Rosà, Italy.

Available in Ontario.

Raspberry Gin by Whitley Neill (England)

Scottish raspberry, juniper, coriander and licorice make up flavours of this Raspberry Gin. It’s medium-bodied with a crisp, citrus and raspberry flavour finish.

Whitley Neill is a small-batch gin producer that has become a driving force in making sure the world knows England has a solid micro-distillery industry. 

Available in Ontario.

Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin (Estonia)


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This is a gin that changes from a copper colour to a light pink when mixed with tonic. The effect is due to a chemical reaction to the rose hips used in its botanical mix.

Rose hip flowers and meadowsweet are both characteristic to the Estonian coastline and Crafter’s wants you to recognize that in each sip. They also add yuzu to the mix, making it a rich floral and citrusy treat for the eyes and mouth. 

Available in Ontario.

Glendalough Rose Gin (Ireland)

This is a special gin. It is made with wild roses, picked at the peak of freshness and distilled within hours of foraging. After distilling, it’s infused with even more roses to deepen the flavours. This small-batch gin is meant to embody the terroir of the Glendalough grounds in County Wicklow, Ireland. 

Fun fact: Glendalough Distillery has been named Ireland’s Gin Distillery of the Year at the New York International Spirits Competition 2021. 

Available in Ontario and Alberta.