Cinnzeo launches gluten-free, vegan cinnamon bun created by Alberta's Care Bakery

Canada's premier cinnamon bun chain debuts a unique new offering

photo provided by Cinnzeo.

With franchises across Western Canada, as well as Niagara Falls, Mexico, Sydney (Australia), and the Middle East, there's a good chance that you've had a Cinnzeo cinnamon bun before. New for the company, though, is a gluten-free (and vegan) option, which comes by way of popular gluten-free bread purveyor Care Bakery, based in Calgary, Alberta.

Cinnzeo is very excited about the launch of our gluten-free vegan cinnamon roll developed in collaboration with Care Bakery," said Cinnzeo CEO Brad Turner. "Using our signature high quality sustainably grown organic dragon cinnamon from Indonesia and Canadian 'best brown' sugar, Care created an excellent cinnamon roll exclusively for Cinnzeo that will be served warm to our guests who prefer a gluten-free or vegan treat.”

Care Bakery's owner and head recipe developer, Kerry Bennett, says she is excited about working with the iconic Canadian company on making their cinnamon bun collaboration a success.

"It took a lot of recipe testing to get to a product I was happy with and I hope people agree," she says. "If you know me and what we at Care Bakery strivesto do, you'll know that we do not put out any baking that is anything less than delicious."

The Care Bakery creation will be available at all Cinnzeo locations in Canada with the exception of Niagara Falls as of Thursday. This is not the first custom baking partnership for the Calgary-based gluten-free bakery as last year, Earls Restaurants enlisted Bennett and her team to develop a gluten-free, vegan ancient grain bun for the launch of their Beyond Meat burger option, which is served country-wide.