Eat North Podcast: Talking collaboration with chefs Billy Nguyen and Emily Butcher

Discussing Top Chef Canada Season X and interviewing two TCC alumni

When it comes to fun culinary collaborations, few Top Chef Canada alum do it better than Season 9 runner-up Billy Nguyen. We've been following Billy's journey since their appearance on the series and they've cooked up some amazing feasts with pals like Andrea Alridge, Galasa Aden and Emily Butcher, and they've got upcoming collabs with Steph Ogilvie and Dominique Dufour too.

On our newest episode of Top Chef Roundtable, Dan Clapson gets to chat with Nguyen and Butcher while the two are in Winnipeg getting ready for their three-night dinner series at Emily's popular eatery Nola.

Once the conversation wraps, Carmen Cheng and Phil Wilson hop on to dissect Top Chef Canada Season X Episode 3 (i.e. Restaurant Wars). As always, there's plenty to debate and speculate about!

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