Le Creuset's newest colour Camomille is only available in Canada

Camomille is the newest colour option in the Le Creuset family

Photo provided by Le Creuset Canada.

Since many food-loving folks associate calmness with the act of cooking at home, it feels perfectly fitting that Le Creuset's new colour option is Camomille.

Developed by the Le Creuset Canada team and currently only available in Canada, this new warm yellow tone feels perfectly fitting for the impending summer season.

Like other colour options, Camomille with be available to choose with signature items such as ceramic mugs, Braisers, French Ovens, Classic Whistling Kettles, and more.

If you're into colour palettes when it comes to arranging your kitchenware and dinnerware, Le Creuset has a smattering of playful summer-inspired palettes to check out on its site.