More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 4

We're talking the future of food writing in Canada, Bocuse d'Or ("bro"cuse d'Or) and Top Chef Canada episode three on this week's podcast

Image for More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 4

On the fourth episode of More Than Maple Syrup, writers Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson discuss finding the next generation of Canadian food writers through our new scholarship competition, how one Toronto chef is bringing attention to Bocuse d'Or's old boys club, how the Supreme Court ruling to continue to restrict inter-provincial liquor sales has got people up in arms and other top Canadian news stories.

Then, the co-hosts jump right into dissecting the third episode of Top Chef Canada Season 6. The competitiors are challenged with incorporating (some crazy) food trends into a Quickfire challenge dish before heading into a regional Mexican-themed elimination challenge. Outside of the highs and lows of the episode, both Waverman and Wilson agree that Elia Herrera is one of the most likeable chefs to ever appear on the series.


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