One day in Calgary: designer and MasterChef Canada contestant Ali Jadavji

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Ali Jadavji is a designer for California Closets and was recently named one of the top 24 contestants on season four of MasterChef Canada. He was born in Toronto and raised in Calgary, his love and passion for food started early in life from his travels and being exposed to different cultures. Ali’s love of the city has grown over the last few years and now sees food as an intersecting value in people’s lives.

“People can be from two different places, but they allow themselves to be vulnerable when it comes to food," Jadavji says. "Sharing food and food stories, individuals let their inner selves be accessible and exposed.”

With his growing passion for Calgary, especially in the area of food, Jadavji has some solid food recommendations for locals as well as tourists. Here's where he likes to eat in Cowtown. And don’t forget to check out Ali’s debut on MasterChef on March 2nd!



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One of my go-to spots for breakfast is Monki Bistro,  I am somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to breakfast and the velvety smooth hollandaise on the eggs Benedict is worth the wait time. Exposed brick and intimate, Monki never disappoints.



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I am often on the go for lunch and whenever in the vicinity, I have go to Village Pita Bakery. Growing up, I used to go there with my dad and now I crave the meat “pie” from this place more often than not. Be sure to douse in hot sauce in lemon juice with a few green olives on the side. Also, who wouldn’t go to an establishment located in Short Pants Plaza?



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You don’t want to know what I think of vegetarians, so I suppose the irony is fitting that my favourite place in the city for dinner and the must-haves when I visit Anju are the fried Brussels sprouts and the crispy tofu. It’s both a blessing and curse that this place is open late.



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We all have long weeks. These are times where you gather those close to you, meet at Milk Tiger Lounge and order a Suffering Bastard or a few. That is all.