One day in Cranbrook: Danielle Cardozo

The caterer and culinary instructor shows us there's more to experience in Cranbrook than you may think

Danielle Cardozo will probably laugh in your face if you tell her you're too busy to cook. The business development coordinator for St. Mary's Band, private caterer, contributor to, culinary instructor and MasterChef Canada alumni clearly has her plate full, but she finds time to cook, stay active, explore and enjoy the food in her city of Cranbrook. Oh, yes, she's also a mother of three. We don't know how she gets everything done using the same 24 hours as everyone else, but we're glad that she's keeping us in the know of where the dining gems are.


I’m going to cheat on this one and say my homemade salmon gravlax and dill mascarpone bagel, at the top of Eager Hill. This hiking trail is a part of my regular routine. You can’t come to my city without picnicking in our trail systems. If you can do Eager Hill at sunrise, you’ll never forget it.


Sakura Sushi & Grill is my favorite lunch spot. It is really hard to find sushi that's done right in a small town, but these guys nail it, every time! It has a great atmosphere for visiting friends, doing business, or a casual first date.


Allegra is a small Mediterranean restaurant that is only open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday. Its lobster and lemon ravioli on red pepper and tequila sauce is what dreams are made of. It's the only restaurant in my city that I believe could move to a large city and kill it. Here's a peek at what its dishes are like.


Fisher Peak Brewing Company, located in the Heid Out Restaurant is one of the most impressive microbreweries I have ever seen, which in such a small city, says a lot. Pair its Hefeweizen with the charcuterie board, and you’re laughing!