One day in Lethbridge, AB: Project WILD finalist Shaela Miller

Like her music, the musician's favourite eats covers a lot of different styles.

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Although born in Victoria, BC., Project WILD finalist Shaela Miller has spent the majority of her life in the windy southern Alberta city of Lethbridge. She has been honing her skill as a songwriter for over ten years. Her affinity for the classic country greats is the source of inspiration for a new wave of country music. When asked to describe her music, she simply refers to it as honky-tonk. But it's tear-in-your-beer ballads, dancehall shuffles, and dark alt-country craft work. Just like her favourite eats, there is quite the variety. 

Listen to country noir, honky-tonk sound as you read through her go-to spots. 





I don’t go out for breakfast very much these days, but when I do, it is always to Stella’s Diner, downtown Lethbridge. The service is excellent and the food just the same. And every Sunday, they have a delicious breakfast buffet!




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I’m a sushi fanatic. My favourite meal to have any time of the day is always sushi. In Lethbridge, my favourite sushi places are O-Sho, Lighthouse and Dono Sushi. It’s hard for me to choose which is my favourite because I love each for different reasons. O-Sho has a great assorted sashimi plate, and also amazing gyoza; Lighthouse offers very authentic Japanese cuisine and serves my favourite sunomono salad; and Dono has a very extensive menu with many different kinds of maki rolls and fresh vegetable and sashimi salads with delicious made-in-house dressings. 




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Plum is by far my favourite place to eat out for dinner in Lethbridge. The food is always insatiable and the staff and service are always on point. Everything on their menu is as locally-sourced as possible and it is all made in-house. The owner and staff of Plum also do a lot for the Lethbridge community. From supporting the local arts and music scene to making soups, to donate to women and children in need, their community footprint is vast and impossible to ignore. For all those reasons, Plum is my number one choice. 




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Did I forget to mention the delicious cocktail menu they have at Plum? If I am going out for a couple of fancy cocktails, Plum again is my number one choice. They have an extensive, delectable cocktail menu and also a special cocktail menu which changes monthly. However, if I am going out for a couple of whiskey-waters and to see some live music, The Slice Bar and Grill and The Owl Acoustic Lounge are my regular watering holes and they never disappoint.