One Day in Wolfville: singer Daniel James McFadyen

Suggestions for where to eat in Wolfville, NS

Photo by Griffin O'Toole.
Photo by Griffin O'Toole

Born in Caledon, ON, indie-folk artist Daniel James McFadyen now calls the picturesque town of Wolfville, NS home. Celebrated for both his storytelling ability and interactive performances, McFadyen has sold out many rooms across Canada like Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern and the Marquee Ballroom in Halifax.

The artist's latest single “Sunshine” was released in late April 2023 as a precursor to his Sunshine Tour that has many stops throughout the Maritimes as well as cities like Montreal (May 31) Toronto (June 2), Ottawa (June 3), Calgary (June 22), and Vancouver (July 2).

Partially thanks to its oceanside locatian in the heart of Nova Scotia wine country and being the headquarters of Devour! The Food Film Fest, the town of Wolfville boasts a surprising amount of food and drink establishments for its humble size.

From a no-frills breakfast with house-made beer to a great spot for live music and bevvies, here's where Daniel James McFadyen loves to hang out when he's home in Wolfville.


My favourite local breakfast spot has to be Paddy’s Pub, and it also happens to be the spot where I played my first open mic at 14.

The food is simple and cheap, they have good Caesars, local meats, and homemade blueberry beer to drink if you’ve got nothing else planned that day.

I usually order the simple bacon and eggs breakfast with a gin Caesar. They've got good home fries too!


My go-to lunch spot is the Naked Crepe.

I order the turkey swiss melt with a side of hollandaise religiously. DoorDash was available in Wolfville for awhile, and I wound up ordered the sandwich so much it was a problem.

They recently moved next door because of a fire, but the food quality has not suffered and they are always consistent.


My dinner choice is heavily influenced by atmosphere, live music and good beer. This makes the Library Pub an obvious choice.

I order the Library Burger with blue cheese and Guinness mushrooms with a side salad. The burger has always been amazing here.

A few times a week they have live music, and it’s also the spot where I developed my chops as a live performer. I highly recommend this spot!


My go-to drink spot is the Horton Ridge Malt House in Grand Pre. They are the only craft brewery in Nova Scotia that produces their own organic Floor Malt. They always have live music and events and it is the go to spot for a Friday beer in the summer. Dog-friendly, outdoor seating and a beautiful view. My go to beer for a while was the “Big Malt Energy” but they recently ran out so I will need to pick a new favourite… but all their beer is great.

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