More Than Maple Syrup: Episode 22

Emma Waverman and Phil Wilson weigh in on the upcoming season of Top Chef Canada and react to a series of newsworthy food studies

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A year after the debut of our More Than Maple Syrup podcast, Phil Wilson and Emma Waverman return to their roots to discuss the upcoming season of Top Chef Canada. In this week’s episode, our favourite co-hosts run through this season’s competitors and weigh in on who they think might go the distance. While they both agree that they’d like to see a bit more diversity on the show--both in ethnicity and in geographic location--they definitely have differing opinions on who they like as favourites to win it all.

Before getting into the proverbial meat of the matter, the two venture into the realm of fruits and veggies, examining this year’s Environmental Working Group Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen. While you may be surprised by the amount of Dirty Dozen items our hosts have in their fridges, our regular listeners will find no shock in hearing about the duo’s distain for no.11 on the list: celery.  

Finally, Emma and Phil give their take on the results of a recent Dalhousie University and University of Guelph joint study regarding the impact of Canada’s updated food guide on Canadians, and although they’d like to see a greater impact from the food guide, no document is going to tell either of them not to indulge in the occasional cheese session. And speaking of cheese, a unique study out of Switzerland found that music can affect the taste of cheese, and you’ll never guess what genre of music has the most positive impact. 

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