Behind the Name: Penticton's Wayne & Freda

How this Okanagan Valley coffee shop got its name.

The Okanagan Valley has long been known as Western Canada’s premier wine-producing region, but recently, the Okanagan has also seen a significant surge in terms of coffee culture.  

Wayne and Freda owners Jen and Ryan Hawk opened the doors to their lively Penticton coffee shop in June of 2019, offering high quality, ethically-sourced coffee along with delicious baked goods and fresh, seasonal cuisine.

But the story of how the name Wayne and Freda came to be dates all the way back to when the Hawks first met and began dating in 2003. Early on in their relationship, they discovered that Ryan’s grandfather (Wayne) and Jen’s grandmother (Freda) were both residents of the same resident home in the Okanagan.

“What started as a conversation over coffee about their grandchildren, soon blossomed into a sweet friendship that led to many more coffees and conversations shared,” Jen explains. "We created Wayne and Freda for a few reasons; we love great food and great coffee. But coffee to us is more than a drink, it is a vehicle for connection, community and shared joy."

Wayne and Freda is open daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for dine-in, takeout, and delivery.