Looking back: Eat North turns one

A look back at some of the stories that started it all.

Eat North cake
Eat North cake

Time flies!

We've been lucky enough to have an arsenal of talented contributors from coast to coast, including ones who have gone outside the borders (thanks, Chelsea Klukas and Angelique Picanco!), who made Eat North what it is today. The passion for promoting Canadian cuisine fuels us, and judging by everyone's insatiable appetite, it looks like this country is hungry for more.

We've shared hundreds of stories and recipes on EatNorth.ca over the past year, and there's still a lot of work to be done, but here are 16 pieces that stood out to show just how dynamic the Canadian food scene can be.

ICYMI, consider this list some good catch-up reading.

The return of rye whisky

The resurgence of rye and five to try

Dish from C restaurant in Vancouver, a Mealshare partner.

Mealshare program transforms dining out into helping out

Do good while you dine at Mealshare restaurant partners

Shortbread cookies Eat North

The power of memory on the experience of dining

Just how much does our memory of food affect our way of eating now?

deer + almond Winnipeg

deer + almond asserts unabashed creativity to become a top restaurant in Winnipeg

It's one of the top restaurants to adorn Winnipeg's impressive dining scene

Freak Lunchbox Halifax

Freak Lunchbox sates sweet cravings across the country with unique candies

Find unusual and retro candies at this candy shop

Eating in the Magdalen Islands of Quebec at Café de la Grave

If you’ve never heard of the Magdalen Islands, or Îles de la Madeleine, you’re not alone. This tiny archipelago, located northeast of Prince Edward Island, is actually a little-known part of Quebec sitting in the middle of the Gulf o

Courtesy of Rich Francis (gwichinchef) on Instagram.

The role of Aboriginal cuisine in Canadian cuisine

A look at indigenous cuisine as the root of Canadian cuisine

Decorating a cupcake with your hands

How to Decorate Cupcakes With Your Hands

You can create stunning cupcakes with your bare hands, even without fancy tools and gadgets

Ontario Spring Water Sake Company

Find rare sakes at Ontario Spring Water Sake Company

In the second installment of our three-part sake series, Elise Gee profiles the first sake brewery in eastern North America

Alexandra Gill. Photo by Tallulah Photography

Alexandra Gill on restaurant critiques, online media and bloggers

Restaurant critic Alexandra Gill dishes on the world of restaurant reviews and food writing.  

Photo by Jack Lee on Flickr.

Izakaya 101: An introduction to Japanese pubbing

Find out what this increasingly popular style of pub is all about

Image for The restaurant industry through PR eyes

The restaurant industry through PR eyes

How PR supports restaurants and chefs

Sexy food costumes for Halloween

11 sexiest food costumes for Halloween

No more Catwoman or sexy firefighter costumes this Halloween. Turn trick-or-treating into a potluck with these food costumes.

Image for Why the Gluten-Free Fad is Not Helping People with Celiac Disease

Why the Gluten-Free Fad is Not Helping People with Celiac Disease

How gluten-free eaters ruin it for celiac sufferers

6 wines that will change your mind about rosé

Stereotype-shattering B.C. rosé wines and foods to pair with them