10 Food-related April Fools’ jokes that are almost believable

Screen grab from FreshDirect on YouTube.
Screen grab from FreshDirect on YouTube.

We all love a good laugh, especially on April Fools’ Day. Here are some of the best food-related jokes we’ve come across this morning.

Charbroil Gloatie™ Floating Grill

Forget grilling poolside when you can do it in the pool with the new Charbroil Gloatie™ Floating Grill. 

Doesn’t that run the risk of steaming your meat? No one wants that!

Pitless avocado


Because avocado pits are totally a pain, now you can get pitless avocados. 

But wait, how do they grow? These must be GMO!


Burger King’s Whopper Toothpaste

Just when you thought brushing helps to get rid of bad breath, now that old burger smell can linger for longer.


OurTime prune-flavoured condoms

Because seniors like to have sexy fun times too.

If prune doesn’t do it for you, there’s also menthol, chamomile, and licorice flavours. Check it out here.

Watch out Salt Bae, you’ve got competition!

Food52 editor Amanda Hesser goes head to head with Mario Batali to see who has the greatest salting steeze.

GrubHub Delivery X brings you your takeout with style

Get your fast food deliveries faster than ever, courtesy of skateboard and parkour couriers.


Plated perfume fragrance line

Have you ever wanted to smell like waffles and maple syrup? How about cacio e pepe, or rosemary roast chicken? Now, it’s possible without even turning on the oven! 


Jim Beam introduces Jim Beans

Aged for one day in a tin can, they’re bound to be the best baked beans you’ve ever tasted.


Add more coffee to your coffee with Coffee-Mate’s latest flavour

Coffee-flavoured Coffee-Mate? Try saying that tongue twister 10 times fast!

Krispy Kreme announces they’re changing their name to Krispy Cream

Apparently, Brits have a hard time pronouncing “Kreme” as “Kreem”, and not “Krem”, so the company is deciding to change the spelling for UK outposts.