11 April Fools’ food jokes you'll probably fall for

Be critical of what you read today

Photo of the "new tasting menu" from The Brasserie Kensington.
Photo of the "new tasting menu" from The Brasserie Kensington.

Instead of pranking you this April Fool’s Day, we’re saving you the stress and we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting food jokes we see on the interwebz. They almost had us with some of these!


Bobby Flay to replace Adam Rapoport as Bon Appetit’s editor-in-chief! 

The minute Bobby Flay is quoted as saying “I’m stoked for this,” you know something has to be up.


Enjoy a tasting menu with your pets at The Brasserie Kensington 

If your furry friend lives in the lap of luxury, then bone marrow and tuna mousse probably wouldn't seem over-the-top to you. Where’s the foie?


Sign up for the MmmBox, a monthly subscription that pairs McDonald’s menu items with your lifestyle 

The Ribster box is perfect for any hipster, complete with a McRib, mustache comb, and plaid napkins. Good one, Mickey D’s.


Jamie Oliver’s recipe for placenta pie 


A photo posted by Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver) on

This probably evoked some pretty visceral reactions for anyone who wasn’t paying attention to the date.


Try the new Haute Couture & Designer fur macaron at Yann Haute 

There are a lot of funky flavours of macarons out there, but Yann Haute’s recent addition to its lineup takes the cake. Everyone wants a mouthful of fur, right?


Eat like a gopher at the Prairie Dog Café in Winnipeg 

I mean a menu filled with roots, seeds, buds, and fruits doesn’t seem that off-the-mark nowadays, does it?


Pop-up rainbow bagel milkshakes

If you want to make this believable, Bon Appetit, you need to add more sprinkles. Come on. Sidenote: I wish rainbow bagels were a joke.


Crave Cupcakes is skimping on the buttercream, oh no! 

Never fear, these sweet treats still come with copious amounts of icing as per usual.


Food52 is selling paper dyed with fancy Greek saffron 

Over $300 per pad seems totally reasonable to me…


Saveur takes a stand, no April Fools’ jokes 

Well that’s no fun.


Café Blanca is teaming up with PERCAL8 to turn burlap coffee sacks into…dresses? 

A great look if you quite literally want to dress like a burlap sack.