7 Chocolatiers making stunning chocolate creations for the holidays

Double duty decorations

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photo courtesy of Thomas Haas in Vancouver.

The holidays are all about food, no doubt, and no ingredient is quite ubiquitous to the whole endeavour as chocolate. From truffles to advent calendars, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without it. But this holiday season, chocolate isn’t just for snacking. These Canadian chocolatiers are making showstopping holiday chocolate pieces that are just as satisfying as decorations as they are to eat. Whether you’re adorning your dinner table with hand-painted truffles or making a Christmassy chocolate sculpture the star of the show, the only real question is, how long will these gorgeous creations last before they get eaten?

Chez Christophe



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Remember the crappy pharmacy advent calendars of Christmas’ past? Forget them and their plastic chocolate, and opt for a slightly (read: entirely) more refined version. Not only is Chez Christophe offering made-from-scratch advent calendars for kids and adults alike, pastry chef Christophe Bonzon has also compiled a selection of other festive sweets, from chocolate bark to chocolate wreath.

Constance Popp



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Winnipeg chocolatier, Constance Popp, is known for doing things differently, and the holidays are no exception. Falling under the category of “too pretty to eat”--well, almost--her chocolate creations are nothing short of works of art. Sweet indulgences include everything from chocolate-covered raspberry marshmallow puffs, shaped like Christmas trees, to beautiful chocolate menorahs; so that everyone can celebrate their holiday traditions with chocolate. She’s also offering We Three Truffles, flavoured with edible gold, frankincense and myrrh in honour of The Three Kings.

Old Coal



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Pastry chef Jolene Kolk’s holiday bonbons are everything you want when it comes to re-experiencing nostalgic holiday flavours. Her 12-piece holiday collection comes in flavours like mulled wine, spiced apple cider, and of course, eggnog. She is also offering hand-painted chocolate trees, that you can crack open to find a sweet surprise of dark chocolate covered cranberries.


Soma Chocolatemaker



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This bean-to-bar Toronto chocolatemaker is offering more than just single origin chocolate bars this holiday season. Its selection of chocolate treats include gorgeous chocolate birch bark branches that almost look like the real thing, and a variety of unique chocolate barks like their Cookies and Milk bark, studded with crushed Linzer cookies. Top it all off with some drinking chocolate to stay warm in front of the fire on a cold winter’s night.


Stubbe Chocolates and Pastry



A family that’s nurtured six generations of chocolate makers must be doing something right. It’s hard to find flaws with the chocolates coming out of the Stubbe pastry kitchen. Santa’s sleigh might be filled with presents, but the chocolate sleighs at Stubbe are filled to the brim with truffles. Not a fan of gingerbread houses? Try one of its chocolate Christmas cottages instead!


Thierry Café



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Master chocolatier and patissier, Thierry Busset, is pulling out all the stops this holiday season with his line-up of chocolates, pastries, and more. His collection of buche de Noel are not to be missed, with flavour combos like blood orange, yuzu, and white chocolate. Looking for an extra special boozy treat? Try his kirsch-soaked chocolate covered cherries to get in the spirit of things!


Thomas Haas



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Thomas Haas is known for his immaculate, finessed chocolate creations, and at no time of year are they better exemplified than during the holidays. You can order an array of edible centrepieces, from Santa to snowmen, all made entirely of chocolate, naturally. Who needs an actual Christmas tree when you can have a chocolate truffle tree instead, right?