Daily Bite: Jen Agg announces closure of The Black Hoof

Earlier in the week, the restaurateur also announced her separation from Montreal's Agrikol

Image from The Black Hoof Instagram account.
Image from The Black Hoof Instagram account.

It was a big week for restaurants owned by Jen Agg and their loyal fans, as the Toronto-based restaurateur announced some significant changes pertaining to Toronto’s The Black Hoof and Montreal’s Agrikol.

Yesterday, she took to Instagram and Twitter to share that The Black Hoof will be closing its doors on August 20,  after a 10-year run.

“I’ve never approved of closing a busy restaurant (it seems crazy tbh), but we’ve said all we have to, and ten years in this business is a FUCKING LONG TIME," says Agg.

No obvious reasons have been stated for the impending closure, other than the overarching sentiment that the restaurant has run its course and Agg feels it is time to move on.

Earlier in the week, it was also announced that Agg and her partner Roland Jean would be stepping back from operations at Montreal’s Agrikol, handing the restaurant over to co-owners Win Butler and Régine Chassagne of Arcade Fire. Agg referred to it as an “amicable separation” on social media, and noted that the unsustainability of travelling back and forth from Toronto to Montreal ultimately solidified their decision to cut ties.

With these two major changes in the books, it’s unclear whether Agg has any new projects in the works or if she’s just choosing to slow things down for the time being. She also owns Toronto’s Grey Gardens and Rhum Corner, both of which are still in operation.

For those who want to get their Black Hoof fix in, the clock is ticking. With only three months left before the closure, snagging a table will undoubtedly be more difficult than ever.

Image from The Black Hoof Instagram account.