Becoming a better home cook: Tips and tidbits of culinary knowledge

Each day this month we'll be sharing an interesting culinary tip

Learn something new everyday. That's what they say, right?

Well, we're hoping we can help you do just that with our new daily series for August 2020, "Cooking is Fundamental". We'll be sharing interesting tidbits of culinary knowledge with you as well as kitchen hacks, simple base recipes and more.

Will you be a better cook at the end of this month? We certainly hope so!

Different Canadian grains and how to cook with them

How to cook different types of grains to perfection

Cooking is fundamental: Why you should grate your own cheese

Grating cheese yourself makes it great

Cooking is fundamental: What are peaks?

Next time you're whipping eggs up, take note of these different kinds of peaks.

Cooking is fundamental: Why should eggs be room temperature before cooking?

Bring those eggs to room temp for the fluffiest cakes

Left: turnip  Right: rutabaga

Cooking is fundamental: Difference between rutabagas and turnips

These root vegetables are not one in the same

Cooking is fundamental: How long to boil an egg in every major city in Canada

Boiling an egg should be a simple task, but getting a jammy yolk and firm white requires a bit of precision.  

Cooking is fundamental: You over-seasoned, what now?

We all get a little heavy handed sometimes, so here is how you can fix it.

Cooking is fundamental: Cooking with alcohol

Pour youself a glass and get cooking with alcohol

Cooking is fundamental: How to treat your cast iron pan properly

Cast iron pans deserve some serious T.L.C. 

Cooking is fundamental: Caramelizing onions is worth the wait

It may take some time, but the result is golden.

Cooking is fundamental: Pickling vs. brining

A salty solution for many ingredients

Cooking is fundamental: What is mirepoix?

An important foundation for many dishes

Cooking is fundamental: Appreciate your pasta water

Preserving your pasta water can help take your sauce game to the next level

Cooking is fundamental: When, why and how to deglaze

Put down the scrub brush and save those burnt bits; it's time to deglaze

Cooking is fundamental: The importance of a hot pan

A properly heated pan can help you avoid a hot mess in the kitchen

Cooking is fundamental: The importance of resting meat

A little R&R can go a long way before you eat your meat

Cooking is fundamental: Mincing, dicing, and other terms for cutting

However you want to slice it, this is, well, how you slice it.

Cooking is fundamental: How to create a proper emulsion

Making an emulsion can be a smooth process

Cooking is fundamental: Dashes, pinches and splashes explained

Add a dash of measurement knowledge to your cooking vocabulary

Cooking is fundamental: Discovering the golden raspberry

Could this be the holy grail of raspberries?

Cooking is fundamental: The French method for scrambling eggs

If you haven't tried scrambling your eggs this way, now's the time.

Cooking is fundamental: Ingredients you shouldn't be refrigerating

Not everything enjoys being stored in the fridge

Cooking is fundamental: Aioli vs. mayo

Though aioli always involves mayo, not all mayo-based dips are aioli