Chinese New Year ideas and recipes

Recipes and ideas for a feast to welcome the year of the dog

Celebrate the lunar new year with all the traditional foods. Dumplings, whole chicken, noodles, whole fish, and vegetarian dishes are all staples for the occasion, but you can certainly mix things up with any hearty Chinese dishes. Gung hay fat choy!

Image for How to make the best Chinese food at home

How to make great Chinese food at home

Switch Chinese take out for a delicious home-made meal

Chinese napa cabbage and pork dumplings (Jiaozi)

How to make dumplings from scratch

Nian gao photo by wEnDaLicious on Flickr.

6 Chinese New Year treats you should know about and how to make them

Festive sweets and snacks and Canadian bloggers who make them

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Shrimp dumplings with XO sauce

Almost every dish eaten over Chinese New Year is symbolic of love, longevity, good fortune and prosperity. The most obvious example of this may be Chinese dumplings, as they look like silver or gold ingots used as currency.

Chinese sticky rice

Warm up with this savoury and traditional Chinese rice dish

Photo by roboppy on Flickr.

Beginner's guide to hot pot

Ingredients, soups and sauces: everything you need to know to learn how to eat hot pot.