Black Fox Farm and Distillery to release a cool new gin on December 1

The first Winter Berry Gin of its kind in Saskatchewan

Me jumping at the chance to write about a unique Canadian-made gin? But of course!

Ever innovating in the wide world of distilling, Saskatoon's Black Fox Farm and Distillery has just announced a brand new limited release for the holiday season. Their Winter Berry Gin is made with a clever blend of rhubarb, raspberries, chokecherries and haskaps and boasts a striking blue-ish hue.

The small-batch gin will be available for purchase as of December 1 exclusively at the distillery or via their website.

With an array of award-winning spirits like their SE Eleven Canadian Whisky and lineup of gins, all of which reflecting Saskatchewan terroir, there's no doubt that anyone who gets their hands on a bottle of Winter Berry Gin before the end of the year will be a very happy camper (I hope to be one of those said campers).

Black Fox Farm and Distillery is located just on the cusp of the Saskatoon city limits at 245 Valley Road and is open Wednesdays to Sundays from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. Check their website or Instagram feed for information on limited hours over the Christmas break.