Eat this Now Edmonton: Bột chiên at Cô Chín Saigon

A delicious Vietnamese street food dish to try in Edmonton

While it's only natural to seek warmth in the comforting powers of pho when its chilly outside, sometimes it's nice to try something new (to you) at a local Vietnamese restaurant.

Many folks may not be familiar with bột chiên, a Vietnamese street food dish that you'll find fairly readily in Saigon, and I am here to tell you that is absolutely delicious. It's not too often you'll find the fried egg and rice cake dish on restaurant menus in Alberta, so whenever I see it, I order it immediately.

Recently, I was up in Edmonton and popped into Cô Chín Saigon for lunch. The restaurant had a ton of Vietnamese specialties (and daily specials like bun cha which is another one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes), but bột chiên caught my eye and that was that.

Cô Chín Saigon's bột chiên was wonderfully delicious and filling.

Fried rice cakes are tossed into lightly-scrambled eggs and pan-fried to further golden-crispy perfection. The egg and rice cake mixture is topped with thin wisps of pickled carrot and daikon and served with minced chilies and a bright soy dipping sauce.

Get a little bit of everything in-between your chopsticks and every bite is a true textural delight!

Cô Chín Saigon is located at 10632 100 St NW in Edmonton and open seven days a week. You can find the full menu, and the restaurant's daily food specials, online.