Watch: Linda Miller Nicholson creates Pac-Man stop motion video with pasta

The most joyful and fun way to feature Canadian wheat

As a self-taught pasta artist and the first to coin the title, Seattle's Linda Miller Nicholson has carved out a niche for herself in the culinary world by way of making both delicious pasta and pasta that is so stunning, you simply don't want to eat it.

Her talents have brought her plenty of international attention, a popular cookbook--Pasta, Pretty Please, published by Harper Collins in 2018--and more television appearances than one can imagine, including a pasta-making lesson with Snooki of Jersey Shore fame. Oh, right, and hundreds of thousands of followers on her account @saltyseattle. An avid lover of all things Canadian, she's even made some gorgeous maple leaf pasta with us too.


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Her latest pasta art was debuted this morning and the Pac-Man stop motion video made entirely of pasta, naturally coloured with plant-based ingredients, is a fun and nostalgic little masterpiece. Miller Nicholson said she created this video with fellow Seattle-based author, Jackie Dodd-Mallory, which took more than 300 snapshots to bring to life.

"The world can be a rough place, so I strive to do everything I can to make life a little more joyful," says Miller Nicholson. "I’m so happy to have found a medium through which to do that in pasta, the G.O.A.T. carb."

What's the Canadian tie here, you ask? The pasta flour is made from Prairie-grown Canadian wheat, of course.

Watch the Pac-Man pasta stop motion video here


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