Alimentaria Mexicana opens on Granville Island

A new Granville Island eatery launches the first stage of a multifaceted project

A new Mexican eatery softly opened the doors to its cantina and patio on Vancouver’s Granville Island today, offering diners a culinary preview of what will soon become an immersive cultural journey into the heart of Mexico.

Led by Mexican-Canadian chef Ernesto Gomez–who’s past projects include renowned Vancouver-based restaurants like Chancho Tortilleria, Nuba, and Fayuca–Alimentaria Mexicana currently offers an array of authentic family-style dishes such as halloumi and grilled cactus, sopes with bone marrow, beet ceviche, and more. 

“We’re excited to give our guests a sneak peek into a project that will celebrate the traditions, depth and knowledge of cooking techniques used by communities across Mexico,” says Gomez. “We’re not cutting any corners and we’re making everything in a traditional way. We can’t wait to take our guests on an immersive journey through my mother country and its rich culinary history, but in a way that’s approachable and fun.”

The next stages of Alimentaria’s opening plans include an expanded menu, a takeout window and a space where guests can watch the restaurant’s corn tortillas being made by hand. It will also eventually offer a marketplace with locally and internationally-sourced artisanal products, dry goods, textiles, and pottery.

During the current soft opening period, Alimentaria will be open for lunch and dinner Wednesdays through Sundays. In-restaurant reservations can be made online, while patio dining will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. 

More information regarding the upcoming additions to Alimentaria will be announced in the coming weeks.