Daily bite: Calgary restaurateur Justin Leboe steps away from Model Milk and Pigeonhole

After ten years running two of Calgary's top restaurants, chef-restaurateur Justin Leboe announces his departure

Yesterday, renowned Calgary-based restaurateur Justin Leboe announced that this month will mark the end of his decade-long journey with Concorde Group and his two hit restaurant concepts, Model Milk and Pigeonhole

Leboe’s desire to elevate Calgary’s culinary community has been evident since stepping onto the scene in 2008. He is the only chef to establish three restaurants in enRoute magazine’s Best New Restaurant lists, earning a third place finish with Rush, a second place finish with Model Milk in 2011, and finally earning top honours with Pigeonhole in 2015

A recipient of the esteemed Pinnacle Award for Canadian Chef of the Year, and Canada’s 100 Best awards for Most Innovative Chef, Leboe’s contribution to Calgary’s burgeoning food and drink scene has been undeniable.

“In 2010 I was given the opportunity to work with some of the most talented individuals I had ever met. Model Milk and Pigeonhole were born out of our personal and culinary passions, and a strong desire to build a culture rooted in hospitality,” Leboe said in a statement on Instagram. “Now a decade later, I look back and could not be more proud of the community that we have built both inside and outside of these restaurants.”


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While Leboe has been integral to the ascension of both Model Milk and Pigeonhole as Calgary culinary landmarks, both restaurants have had different executive chefs for quite some time now, so guests can expect the same high level cuisine, drink programs, and service they’ve come to expect. 

Leboe had previously hinted that he was set to take the helm of a new restaurant concept that was still in development last spring, but the nationally celebrated chef and restaurateur has since stated that he currently has no announcements regarding his immediate future.