Rau Bistro offering unique Vietnamese 7-course beef tasting menu in Calgary

A rare Bò bảy món menu garners rave reviews in Calgary

Photos by Dong Kim.

After closing its doors and being forced to relocate toward the back end of 2019, popular Vietnamese eatery Rau Bistro made a relatively quiet, but extremely well-received return to Calgary’s food and beverage scene this past October. 

Since then, the Vietnamese street food restaurant has once again been garnering rave reviews from diners throughout the province, thanks in particularly to its seven course beef tasting menu (often referred to as Bò bảy món or Bò 7 món in Vietnamese), which is a relatively rare find in Alberta and Canada in general. 

Each course offers a uniquely delicious take on beef, with dishes ranging from beef congee and papaya salad with beef jerky to steamed beef meatballs, vinaigrette beef fondue with rice paper, lettuce, herbs, and sauces, and more. To paraphrase Calgary-based food writer Carmen Cheng when she described the images above, the $35 per person tasting menu offers an astounding combination of interactivity, beauty, and pops of flavour. 

Rau Bistro is open Wednesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.