Vancouver’s Torafuku launches Moontail bottled cocktail program

A unique lineup of bottled cocktails from one of Vancouver’s top restaurants

Photo by Leila Kwok

Vancouver cocktail enthusiasts now have a new cause for excitement this holiday season following the launch of Torafuku’s new Asian-inspired bottled cocktail program today. 

The new Moontail bottled cocktail collection was curated by Torafuku owner Steve Kuan and bar manager Wade Chou to spotlight Asian flavours inspired by travels, childhood memories, and collaboration. Each of the five premixed cocktails feature playful designs by Maggie Ikemiya, along with hand-picked flavour profiles that range from dried fruits and premium teas to makrut lime leaf-infused sake. 

"We've worked with some of these ingredients in-house, but creating a bottled product took a lot of experimenting and understanding of how to best extract flavours,” explains Kuan. “Each ingredient had to be reevaluated." 

"Just avoid small ice cubes; we've experimented to perfect the dilution and preservation of flavours," adds Chou.

Some of the highlights include the scarlet-hued Hibiscus Penicillin (Jameson Whiskey, Havana Club 3 years old rum, hibiscus, ginger, lemon, plum powder) The Aloha (coconut-infused Absolute Vodka, Maraschino, pandan, coconut, lemon) and the Samurai Spirit (Hakutsuru sake daiginjo infused with kaffir lime leaves, peach, lemongrass, lime).

To celebrate the launch of Moontail, Torafuku is offering 10 per cent off its five-piece gift box from December 1 to 5 using the code MOONTAIL10 upon checkout. More information about each of the Moontail offerings can be found online.