Winnipeg's 2022 Fried Chicken Fest starts this week

The fifth annual Fried Chicken Fest offers plenty of tasty eats

The Southern Comfort will be featured at Velvet Glove at Fairmont Winnipeg

Winnipeg’s fifth annual Fried Chicken Fest is now only one day away, and despite the city’s hospitality community still facing a slew of pandemic-related obstacles, this year’s festival will feature more participating restaurants than ever before. 

Throughout the 10-day festival, nearly 50 of Winnipeg’s most popular eateries will be featuring a unique fried chicken dish. Beyond that one guideline, restaurants are free to express their culinary creativity in any way they choose. 

Some of the standout creations (pictured below, respectively) include The Tallest Poppy’s classic gochujang-dipped fried chicken sandwich with blue cheese crema, pickled apple slaw, and sesame garlic aioli; Block and Blade’s waffle bowl filled with deep-fried chicken balls stuffed three ways: apple and brie, broccoli and cheddar, and pesto Parmesan; Deer and Almond’s fried chicken on jalapeno and corn pancakes with maple chutney; along with a wide variety of creative takes on wings, sandwiches and burgers, chicken and waffles, and much more. 

Festival-goers will also have the opportunity to vote on their favourite fried chicken offering which—in addition to being a great excuse to treat yourself to as many chicken-centric submissions as possible—offers an additional avenue for Winnipeggers to support the city’s food and beverage scene. 

“Winnipeg’s restaurants are still struggling. This year’s Fried Chicken Fest gives people a fun way to enjoy their favourite food and help support the restaurant industry,” chef Allan Pineda, co-organizer of Fried Chicken Fest said.

Winnipeg’s Fried Chicken Fest will run from January 13 to 22. The full list of participating restaurants can be found online. Once the festival begins, diners will be able to vote for their favourite fried chicken dish here.