10 cool foodie gift ideas for this holiday season

Ideas for what to buy the foodie(s) in your life

Here's our foodie gift guide for 2023!

With Christmas just under two weeks away, there’s still plenty of time for gift giving. From cool appliances to unique condiments and food-inspired footwear, there’s certainly no shortage of gift options for food-loving Canadians.

Here are 10 gift ideas for the foodies in your life.

Fairy Dust Spice Blends ($17)

Created by MasterChef Canada fan favourite Marissa Leon-John of Montreal, this new spice blend line is anything but your run-of-the-mill packaged seasonings.

Bold N Smoky is her tribute to the Caribbean while Sweet Heat is just that, a proprietary combination of brown sugar, warming spices and chilies.

Holy Duck Chili Oil - The 5 Fooks Bundle ($88)

This buzzworthy Vancouver condiment company offers up big and bold flavours with their creations that include the signature Holy Duck Chili Oil (as well as an extra spicy variation and a mushroom-based vegan alternative), chili-salted egg yolks and a duck fat-infused seasoning.

Get all five of these delicious-sounding products for $88.

KitchenAid Go Cordless Hand Mixer ($140)

For most avid home cooks, the kitchen can be a crowded place when it comes to appliances and tools…and plugins aren’t always are close as you’d like them to be too.

This is where the KitchenAid Go Cordless appliance line comes in real handy. With a sleek design and high durability—like all KitchenAid products are known for—items the cordless food chopper, hand blender or hand mixer are all supremely easy to use.

Our Christmas wish is now for all of our countertop appliances and tools to be cordless!

Knifewear Grit Sharpening Stones (various grades and prices)

Regardless of whether a person owns a plethora of top-notch Japanese knives or just has one beloved knife in their kitchen drawer, it’s important to keep things sharp!

One of the country’s most famous shops for finding yourself a superb cutting tool (and accessories), Knifewear has their own line of sharpening stones that help home cooks keep their knives in tip-top shape. With a range of grit grades and prices, ask a store associate which stone is most ideal for your giftee.

Le Creuset Canadian Destination Mug ($30)

If you are searching for a gift for an Edmontonian, Winnipegger or Halligonian (why is that city resident term so different from the word “Halifax”?), then look no further than Le Creuset Canada’s Canadian Destination Mugs.

Crafted to be top quality, as the brand is celebrated for, each mug bars an etched city skyline against a signature Le Creuset colour.

Marigold Beer Vinegars (various types and prices)

Small-batch vinegars have never tasted as dynamic as what you’ll discover with Marigold Mfg’s creations. Made out of unused craft beer from local producers and botanicals grown on Marigold’s own farm, a splash or two from one of these unique vinegars will breathe new life into things like homemade vinaigrettes, marinades, soup and so much more.

McDonald’s X Crocs shoes ($85)

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Crocs are back in a big way and if you’re going to embrace the, um, visual they add to your ensemble, we say go big or go home.

This McDonald’s collaboration made waves last month and folks can’t seem to get enough of the character-inspired Crocs that include options like Hamburglar x Crocs Classic Clog and Grimace x Crocs Cozzzy Sandal.

As the kids would say, they’re a real vibe.

Panettone by Papi ($45)

The iconic and complex-to-make-properly Italian baked good panettone has become real popular over the past few years in North America. As a result, many passionate pastry chefs across Canada have set out to create their own bespoke lines of panettone.

Calgary pastry chef Daniel Ramon (“Papi”) offers up three types of panettone: Orange Dark Chocolate, Lemon White Chocolate, and Traditional.

Road Coffee Co. Three Wise Men Gift Set ($99)

We love everything about this ethically-minded single-origin coffee roaster that's rooted in Saskatoon. Road Coffee's premier holiday gift set includes three signature roasts (including the weather-appropriate Snow Day blend) as well as a custom engraved French press

Travel Manitoba x 1882 Honey Dill Hot Sauce ($14)

If you’re from the Prairies, you’ll know that honey dill sauce is one of the most popular condiments to dunk into regardless of if you’re eating a Prairie pub classic like boneless dry ribs or chicken wings and carrot sticks.

Travel Manitoba recently announced this clever, and saucy, collab with 1882 Fruit-Based Hot Sauce that merges the famous dip with plenty of heat and acidity. A perfect little gift for any Prairie expats in your life!